What Is The Weather Like In Kansas?

Knowing what the climate is like in a particular area is important if you are planning on traveling there or are going to be moving there. In Kansas, temperatures can vary quite a bit between summer and winter.

During the summer, the average temperatures usually hover around 80°. They can climb quite a bit higher, however, often going up into the 90s or even over 100. Humidity is much milder than some other parts of the country, however, which is good news on hot days. Dealing with humidity along with the heat can be overwhelming. Thanks to the relatively low humidity levels of the state, however, the heat is a bit more bearable.

Wintertime is the complete opposite in terms of temperatures. With average temperatures around the 30° mark, January is usually the coldest month of the year. Along with the cold temperatures, snowstorms are common. If you are going to be in the state during the winter, you definitely need to bring along warm clothing and boots.

Windstorms are also extremely common in the state. The wind whips over the relatively flat landscape, kicking up dust and debris. Tornadoes are also a relatively common occurrence in this part of the country. Unlike hurricanes that have a lot of advanced warning, tornadoes tend to be much more unpredictable. Because of that, you need to always have a plan in place for what to do if a tornado appears.

One thing that many people love about living in Kansas is that they get to experience all four seasons. Unlike some other states where it stays warm year-round, Kansas has a distinct winter, spring, summer, and autumn. This is good news if you like to experience the changing seasons. Sometimes it is nice to look out your window and see something different depending on the time of the year.

The weather in Kansas can range from freezing cold to overwhelmingly hot depending on the season. All in all, however, it is milder than some other states in the country, both during the hot summer months and the cold winter months. If you want to learn more about what the weather is like, you can check the historic weather reports online to see what the temperatures were like throughout the state for the past few years. This can help you get a better idea of what to expect during any given month of the year.

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